Our Team

Marc Steeb - Co-Founder & CEO

Marc has previously worked in the automotive business, including with BMW and his own specialist garages. Formally educated in IT and from Germany and Singapore, Marc has resided in Thailand for the past 25 years and has also spent time in the USA, China and Australia.

John Phillips - Co-Founder & CTO

John moved from the UK 20+ years ago representing a British engineering firm. His primary focus and education is in mechanical engineering and has been involved in large-scale industrial projects as well as custom engineering solutions in the automotive industry.

Doug Maughan - Manufacturing

Doug has run factories in Australia and South East Asia for the past 30 years. He currently operates a 3000 sq.m factory in Thailand. This factory is equipped with CNC machinery, autoclaves and operated by carbon fiber experts from Germany & France. His team & factory employs dozens of experts and technicians.

Panutat Jimmy Tejasen - Electronics Development

A legend in the Thai maker society and electronics development. His background in network security relates to CISCO development and is now at the forefront of MakerAsia. His electronics hardware and software development skills and team will be involved in the CRESTS development. His software and hardware development teams range across Thailand, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Richard Fleming - Business Advisor

Richard has a long history in industry from his days at Kodak and later as Managing Director of Goodyear Thailand. He currently operates HGT, a racing transmission manufacturer. His guidance and advice steers CRESTS in the right direction.

Nuttawut Rattanaprarom

He started out as a model airplane developer and currently produces drones under contract to the airforce. Lightweight and extreme durability are his forte and he brings his vast knowledge and tools to CRESTS regarding all things carbon fiber.