A primary area which we devoted time to was something which really hasn't changed since the concept of luggage was created. Design. Our design is clearly very different from anything else on the market before or currently. However, we think it's well worth it. Ironman? James Bond? Those are the most common names we hear when people first see the design. On our test runs through airports, we always have people asking us about it and where they can buy it. When's the last time a stranger asked you about your luggage?

The unique front clamshell design also has functionality. One experience we dislike is airline check-in and x-ray scanning as the airlines have very small counters which inevitably leaves half of your suitcase propped up by your body. Or, you have to lay your suitcase on the floor and kneel down to get your documents out. The front facing clam-shell design means you don't need to lay your luggage down. Simply bend down and pull the clamshell open, reach in and extract your documents and passport. When you get to the x-ray scanner, same thing. The laptop/ipad sleeves are in the front clamshell and can be pulled out without laying the case down. Of course, the design also looks really cool!

The three horizontal slots on the front of the case are an evolution from when we originally had alarm lights there. However, due to practical manufacturing constraints and comments like "Too Fast Too Furious!" they were removed and left as shallow indentations. They do have a purpose however, as flat carbon fiber is inherently weak. These ridges actually increase strength in the front shell. The vertical break down the middle serves the same purpose as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The rear shell contours follow the same logic.

The central logo piece is lazer-cut aluminum, it was simply the only way to get the precision we required. Each slot is 0.25mm and even with lazer-cutting, it proved to be a bit of a challenge. The cut-out itself and logo section are structural and reinforce the carbon fiber.

The fixed handle is aluminum as is the telescopic handle. The telescopic handle employs carbon fiber rods for strength and lightness. We don't have any folding or locking mechanisms which can break. Instead, the rods slide tightly inside their sheaths using friction to control their speed and to stop automatic retraction. They're still easy to push back in, but have no mechanisms that can break. We figured why over-complicate things, we've all seen what happens when these devices jam and it is annoying trying to load your luggage with handles extended.

Each luggage comes with 6 plastic molded corners (the bottom rear aren't needed as the wheels are there) that are sacrificial and can be replaced. The front bottom corner pieces are designed so that the case stays level with the rear wheels. The wheels are polyurethane to provide the greatest strength and smooth, quiet running. Nothing fancy here, just really strong wheels bonded and bolted to the carbon fiber chassis with bearings.

Carbon Fiber

Our strong suit is strength.

How many luggage brands have you seen advertising their 'superior' ABS plastic or polyurethane construction? They show videos and pictures of their luggage being crushed and then returning right back to their original shape. Fantastic! Except for one key point; what happens to the contents inside the luggage? Your toiletries...leaking everywhere on your clothes. Your expensive fully disassembled never to be put back together again. Presents...those 4 gifts you bought are now 50 much smaller gifts. Polycarbonate and ABS are great, strong, lightweight materials, but they crush offering very little protection to what's inside the case.

CRESTS is set apart by our carbon fiber composite structure. By now, everyone knows carbon fiber as being the wonder material in F1 cars and airplanes; renown for it's lightweight and strength. Our case is no different, it will not crush and pop back up again leaving your contents destroyed. It has a maximum safe limit of 150kgs, in fact it will hold-up to much more than that; but for simplicity we'll stick to a nice round number. Unless you throw your luggage off a high building or drive over it, it will never experience such tremendous forces. However, the key point is that it will constantly experience forces under this number which will not distort or crumple the case.


The interior design is for work and travel. We have designed the luggage for short business trips or weekends away if used without a checked luggage. The rear compartment has been designed for clothes, toiletries, shoes etc. while the front compartment is work orientated. The large rear sleeve can hold a standard laptop while the second sleeve is for an ipad/tablet or documents. The front section has placement holders for passport, pens, business cards etc.