We've all seen the plethora of new suitcases hitting the market in the past few years, from expandable luggage to luggage that moves by itself. The key item which ties this new generation of luggage together is their connect-ability. Everything these days comes with an app, so why not luggage. CRESTS luggage meets market functionality expectations around self-weighing, GPS tracking, charging capabilities, phone alarm and blue tooth; however, CRESTS brings new innovation to the market in the form of remote digital locking, LCD screen, audible and visual alarm, touch sensitive controller, G force and temperature/humidity sensors.


Our self-weighing capabilities are simple and straight-forward. To activate the weigh function simply click on the hidden touch-sensitive button to enable weigh mode. Then lift the luggage using the fixed handle and the LCD screen will display the weight. No need to fumble around with apps and your phone, its all self contained.

USB Power

Within the case we have a high capacity removable power bank which is capable of charging a typical phone up to five times. It comes with two 2.0 amp USB ports for charging your devices. These ports are contained within the luggage as the luggage is designed to be completely waterproof.

Alarm Mode

Your CRESTS luggage is linked via bluetooth to your mobile phone. Our technology incorporates visual and audible alarms on both the luggage and the CRESTS app. When the luggage leaves your immediate proximity a warning and quiet alarm will be sent to the app on your phone. If you do not acknowledge and disarm within a set duration, full alarm mode will be triggered. This involves a light encased within the CRESTS logo flashing rapidly in red as well as an audible alarm within the luggage. This will immediately draw attention to the luggage, which is usually enough for the would-be thief to drop it and head for the hills.

GPS Tracking

Once the alarm mode is initiated, the app will display GPS tracking data. Unlike many other cases, our GPS tracking is actually ... GPS tracking. Many cases use Bluetooth to transmit GPS location data back to the app. Which is great, if the case is within 50 meters of you. Any further than that and communication shuts down. Our GPS data is transmitted via cellular network to our servers and then relayed back to your phone. This does of course require you installing a paid-up SIM card into your luggage, but the usage data is minimal as your luggage won't be posting on Instagram or Facebook.

Digital Lock

Once the case is in alarm mode, it will self-lock. Unlike other suitcases, CRESTS locking system is fully self-contained within the interior compartment of the luggage. There are no exterior locks, zippers, or leather sleeves to cut through. There is literally nothing displayed on the outside of the case. Should airport security require access or there is a power failure, we have provided a hidden waterproof access point to be used with a standard TSA-key. The digital lock itself is also simple to operate. It doesn't require you to access your phone and the app every time you need to grab your passport within the luggage. Simply use the hidden touch-sensitive button to open the case. "But then can anyone access my luggage!" The hidden button is also programmed for a sequence to release the lock, say 3 quick taps. Also...its a hidden button, not likely to be stumbled upon by the uninformed. Of course, you can activate full lock mode through your app if you intend to leave the luggage somewhere; and if it leaves your proximity it will automatically enable. Ever needed to transport something valuable (think James Bond with a suitcase handcuffed to his wrist), the CRESTS luggage can handle that without issue. When the luggage reaches its destination, you can simply unlock the luggage remotely from anywhere in the world via the app. Another benefit of having a SIM card installed.

G-Force Logging

So, you've got your GPS trackable and self-locking luggage with you at the airport. All bases covered, nothing else can go wrong, right? Baggage handlers, we've all seen the horror videos of how they toss your luggage around with abandon. We've all seen what our own luggage looks like after a long flight and we've all wondered in amazement how it's possible for them to crack body shells, split zippers and knock off wheels so easily. While we've made our luggage as strong as possible within reasonable limitations, even CRESTS can experience damage from time to time. James Bond had his nemesis, ours are the baggage handlers. That doesn't mean we haven't come up with some ideas on how to even the playing field. Introducing the G-Force sensor; CRESTS is equipped with G-Force sensors which will measure and log any impact sustained to the luggage above a pre-set threshold. What this means is that if you check-in your luggage in perfect condition and it arrives 8 hours later looking like it's been through a war, you have some data to seek compensation. The G-Force log will store this data internally and once it has re-acquired the cellular network or your phone, it will transmit the data back to you. Take this data to the airlines claim department and you'll be better armed for the ensuing claim.

Temperature/Barometric Pressure

Along with our vast assortment of sensors and features, we also have temperature and barometric pressure. Temperature is self-explanatory, while barometric pressure is actually used to calculate altitude. This can be useful for automatic airplane mode should you have forgotten to disable these features if you checked-in your luggage. It can also re-enable itself upon landing.


If you are purchasing a premium carbon fiber case which is supposed to be the best; we feel this comes with the territory. There isn't much to say here, the luggage has grooves in both sections of the case and an o-ring seal placed within. Once the case is closed, the lock clamps down and applies pressure to the seal forming a waterproof barrier.

Positionable Hinges

A piece of luggage which constantly flops shut or has to be laid completely flat to access properly isn't much good. Wait...that's 90% of luggage, isn't it? CRESTS uses positionable hinges and luggage stays to offer a few natural positions for the front lid to hold open. This offers easier access to your possessions.

Self-Equalizing Pressure Valve

The valve allows pressure in the case to be equalized to ambient pressure. This valve very quickly allows filtered airflow between the outside and the inside of the case ... and yes, it is impervious to water. The reason for needing this valve is if the pressure of the surrounding area changes, the luggage can becomes pressurized making it almost impossible to be opened. The valve equalizes this pressure so there are no issues. Most hard, rugged cases for equipment have this built-in as standard.