Our Story

Early Prototype

We just wanted to provide some behind-the-scenes photos of our various early prototypes to show the community the history and the work that has taken us to this stage. This is an early 'plug', a solid foam made replica of the suitcase made via a CNC router and finished by hand. It was used to create the first molds. From the molds, we then hand-lay fiberglass to make the first physical version of the luggage. This early prototype was used for test fitting, physical verification and further development work. This led to the production of the first carbon fiber unit with functional lights and LCD screen. As you can see, our design has iterated quite a bit from this early prototype; but the history and concept can still be seen in our current version.


Besides being a regular carry-on suitcase, the strength and electronic capabilities make the CRESTS luggage ideal for high-value items. With remote lock/unlock features, the luggage can be used to transport valuable items without the owner having to be available. Simply hand-off the case to a trusted party and when it reaches it's final destination, remotely unlock it. With the GPS abilities you can follow the progress of your items from start to finish. Need to carry expensive photographic equipment, but don't want the same boring hard case that everyone else uses? Don't trust your messenger with your plutonium samples? That $10 million dollar jewelry set needs to be sent back to Switzerland? Trust the CRESTS luggage.

Back Story

The founders were actually sitting in the office of a good friend and luxury car dealership owner brainstorming new ideas and businesses. They'd been toying with ideas for years to set out on a new adventure to create something of their own. Idea after idea rolled out with nothing sticking. As Marc scanned the office for ideas, he laid his eyes upon a hard plastic Pelican case. The idea struck, a hard case but for the 21st century. Carbon fiber! John's eyes lit up and the idea for electronic integration was added to the concept. Both looked at their friend the salesman, because as we all know, they have a nose for money. He grinned and his only response was "I want sales rights!"

Reasons to believe

Being based in Thailand, we are in the home of one of the largest manufacturing hubs for carbon fiber. This gives us not only very strong know-how, but also backup options should we experience problems in manufacturing. Not many people realize that most carbon fiber production for the automotive and water sports carbon fiber industry is located in Thailand; including production for such brands as Ferrari and Lamborghin

  • The co-founders have spent a combined time of over 40 years in Thailand and understand the manufacturing base as well as having vast contacts in the industry.
  • Manufacturing partners are not only local, but involve expertise from Australia, France, Germany, China, the UK etc. We have a field of experts available.
  • Being Asian based gives us quick access not only to the Thai manufacturing field, but also of the neighboring countries. A short flight gets us to any of our manufacturing bases in the region.
  • To combine with our strengths in Asia, our team is multi-cultural with many hailing from Europe. To be certain, our work relies strongly on English, German and French engineering know-how.
  • The founders have indepth experience in IT, Engineering, Electronics and Manufacturing.